Radiology Services: Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group


Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group (MDIG) radiology services include diagnostic imaging (On-site), Teleradiology (24/7/365 coverage), and Interventional Radiology (Hospital-Based). MDIG has over 33 years of experience working with rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, hospital groups, and multiple medical clinics. Our central operations center is located in Phoenix, AZ, and operates 24/7/365. We provide our partner facilities with a wide range of sub-specialties, only one call away. Every one of our partner facilities is granted access to our 24/7 back-line for IT support, administrative support, and radiologist consultations. MDIG services can streamline critical cases for trauma and stroke, ensuring the highest levels of patient care, and industry-leading turn-around-times. Radiologists are in high-demand, MDIG will work closely with your facility to ensure we choose the proper candidate to lead your imaging department. With over three decades of experience, our group has the solutions and leadership necessary to help you expand your imaging department. MDIG is a company accredited by The Joint Commission for Ambulatory Healthcare, in collaboration with our sister company, Advanced Medical Management Solutions. For more information about our services, contact our business development team today.

On-Site Radiology 

• Hospital-Based Radiology

• Sub-Specialty Coverage

• Integrated Work-list

• Board Certified Radiologists


• 24/7/365 Physician Support

• Nighthawk Coverage

• Quality Commitee 

• 24/7 Operations Center

Interventional Rad

• On-Site Coverage

• Fellowship Trained 

• Experienced Physicians

• Stand Alone Clinic (AZ)

24/7/365 Support

• Experienced Leadership

• 24/7 IT Support

• Physician Support

• 24/7 Operations Center

A group of radiologists working with a patient before the MRI scan begins, the photo has a blue tint. On-site radiology and hospital-based radiology setting depicted.

On-Site Radiology

Our uniquely designed and fully integrated work-list provides our clients with a large degree of sub-specialty expertise which aides in the improvement of the diagnostic quality of our clients’ radiology departments.

A laptop with the image of a radiology exam is on two screens, the sender and the receiver for Teleradiology services.


MDIG’s flexible business model coupled with our industry-leading technology allows us to provide Teleradiology services to large urban hospitals, small rural hospitals, clinics, and IDTF’s; bringing together the best breed of practices to all of our clients.

Interventional radiologist operating on a patient, there is a screen in front of the radiologist used to guide the procedure.

Interventional Rad.

We have an innovative approach, with state of the art equipment, that allows our physicians to perform guided imaging therapies, and other minimally invasive procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our Interventional Radiologists.